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Trust for JAG

he JAG Board of Directors committed to serving 150,000 young people annually by school year 2005-2006. This is an increase of 150% over the number served in the 1999-2000 school year.

JAG seeks investments by individuals and organizations that share our commitment to overall improvements in public education by strict accountability and the commitment to achieve those results by a special focus on effectively serving at-risk and disadvantaged youth.

JAG adopted a goal of building a $25 million endowment as a Trust for Jobs for America's Graduates. The Honorable Marc Racicot, Governor of Montana from 1993 through 2001, and United States Senator Thomas Carper of Delaware chair the Trust. JAG will use the annual interest and dividends from the endowment's investments to finance the additional national costs to generate the 150% rate of growth over and above the current JAG budget.

A one-time investment in the Trust for JAG will:

  • Make possible services to an additional 80,000 at-risk and disadvantaged young people annually in the next five years.
  • Provide a permanent source of financing to assure that 80,000 new youth are served annually.
  • Provide a means for leveraging and matching other public and private-sector funds to grow the program in targeted states and localities.
  • Allow the JAG National Staff and JAG Board of Directors to focus on growth, improvement of services, and achievement of bottom-line results, rather than devoting time and energy to an ongoing exhaustive fundraising process.


Those that wish to support the work of the JAG National Network are encouraged to contact us expressing interest in learning more about the Trust for Jobs for America's Graduates.


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