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Success Stories

The over two decades of success of JAG is best measured in the lives that the JAG Program has touched. JAG is very proud to present these examples of JAG successes.

Lyn Winder'81
Rosalyn (Lyn) Inez Winder

Lyn participated in The Jobs for Delaware Graduates program and gradated from Laurel Senior High School. Lyn earned both a bachelors degree in Human Resource Management and a Masters degree in Secondary School Counseling from Wilmington College. Lyn is currently the program developer of the Max Teen Program at Delaware Technical & Community College.

Bryant Randolph'82
Bryant Randolph

Bryant was involved in the Jobs for High School Graduates in Memphis, Tennessee, as a state pilot employment program. It was through this program that Bryant was introduced to Coca-Cola. He began his job career as a general laborer in the production department. After spending several years in various departments, Bryant attended one of the local community colleges and earned an Associate's Degree in Business with Honors (Cum Laude). Since then, he has pursued an Undergraduate Degree at Christian Brothers University.

Bryant has been with Coca-Cola for 20 years, currently as a Sales Manager.

Elisa Garcia'83
Elisa Garcia

Elisa graduated from Tolleson union High School, Arizona's first JAG program. She has been a patient care coordinator for a general surgeon for the past twelve years. Elisa stated that she felt that the program was extremely helpful to her when setting her goals and in the interviewing process especially for her first job.

Teri Dominquez'84
Teri Dominguez

Teri graduated from Tolleson Union High School, Arizona's first JAG program. She is currently a lab technician and lives in Phoenix. Teri thanks the program for the solid foundation on job attainment and survival skills that she acquired to help with her successes today.

Rosie Perez'85
Rosie Varela Perez

Rosie graduated from Tolleson Union High School, Arizona's first JAG program. She currently resides in Tolleson with her husband and three children. Rosie is working as an office manager for a physician.

Irene Levario'86
Irene Dominguex Levario

Irene graduated from Tolleson Union High School, Arizona's first JAG program. Irene currently lives with her husband in Phoenix. She works with Medicare, a division of Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Anthony Booker'87
Anthony Booker

Anthony Booker was raised in a single-parent home located in Cincinnati's inner city West-End public housing projects. His motivation to enter the JOG-Cincinnati program was fueled by his desire to secure the position of Leadership Development Officer to which he was successfully elected.

In June 1992, Anthony earned a degree in Criminal Justice from Indiana State University. Immediately upon graduation, he signed a free agent contract to play with the Green Bay Packers. After one year with the Packers, he returned to his hometown and immediately "collaborated with community agencies" as a Youth Worker with Cincinnati Children's Homes. Presently, Anthony is a Probation Officer with the Juvenile Probation Department. "Success isn't measured by what you have...only what you give," is Anthony's motivation for continuing his work with youth.

Cynthia Wheat'88
Cynthia Wheat-Harvey

Larry Edgell'89
Larry Edgell

When Jobs for Ohio's Graduates gave Larry the opportunity to interview with the program, he did not realize how much it would effect his future. After he completed JOG, Larry began working in the mailroom at Myers Tire Supply. He was then promoted to counter sales where he learned to overcome his fear of the public. During this time, he took advantage of a corporate tuition reimbursement program and studied Marketing and Sales at the University of Akron. In 1993, Larry was promoted to the Branch Services Department and today he puts his degree to work in the Marketing Department where he is responsible for catalogs, sales flyers, literature, and is a web administrator.

Larry's experience with JOG has been ongoing. In 1990, he wrote a letter to Governor Celeste to describe what the program had done for him. The governor asked him to represent Ohio and attend a dinner in Washington. Mr. and Mrs. Andre Thornton, a JOG board member and former Cleveland Indians first baseman, accompanied him on the trip where he met President Bush, Vice President Quayle, and other political and business representatives.

Danny Canady'90
Danny Canady

I am a 1990 graduate of San Luis Continuation High School in Los Banos, California - and the Jobs for California Graduates-Merced County program. I am told I am one of the JCG's most successful outcomes. What an honor - for if it were not for JCG, I wouldn't be where I am today.

I started high school as an above average student, good athlete, and quite popular. I soon became involved in gangs and drugs, turning to strong-arm tactics to support my lifestyle. I was known as one bad dude, who was continuously having run-ins with the law. My grades dropped to D's and F's and I skipped more classes than I attended. I became a single parent with custody at the age of 17. I was expelled from regular high school at the end of my junior year.

Mr. O'Brien was the Job Specialist at Los Banos High School and had been my football coach the two years I played. I liked and respected Mr. O'Brien, so when he came to my house two weeks after I was expelled, got me out of bed, sat me down, and had a heart-to-heart talk with me, I listened. He convinced me to enter continuation school and graduate so I could be a good example - someone my son could look up to.

Well, with a lot of support from JCG, I did just that. I graduated in May 1990 and my 3-year-old son presented my diploma to me. What a day to remember!

Mr. Joe Sousa, Parks & Recreation Director for the city of Los Banos, asked me to apply with the city after I graduated. I did and was hired as a part-time park maintenance worker. Today, I am a lead supervisor for public services in Los Banos. I am married and have three children. What more could I ask?!

I also make many public appearances speaking on behalf of JCG. I end each appearance with the very true statement: "If it were not for JCG and Mr. O'Brien, I would either be dead or in prison. Thank goodness for this JAG program."

Ernie Flynn'91
Ernie Flynn

Ernie participated in the Jobs for Montana's Graduates. Upon his graduation from Capital High School, he went to The University of Montana-Missoula and worked as a Research Assistant at the School of Pharmacy. Ernie was an administrative assistant with the Disabled American Veterans where he attended Montana State University and earned a Bachelor of Science Degree.

Following graduation, Ernie worked with emotionally disturbed children. In 1998, he accepted a position with Crown Bolt as a Merchandiser. Currently, Ernie is the Contract Merchandiser with Primesource, the largest distributor of packaged nails and screws in the United States.

Anna Tovar'92
Anna Solorio Tovar

Anna graduated from Tolleson Union High School, Arizona's first JAG program. She currently lives in Phoenix with her husband and son. Anna is employed at Tolleson Elementary School and is a 2nd grade teacher.

Danessa Garcia'93
Danessa Garcia

Danessa graduated from Tolleson Union High School, Arizona's first JAG program. Danessa lives in Tolleson with her son, Edward, and is attending Ottwa University majoring in Business. She is currently employed at Fry's as a buyer.

Helen Lewis'93
Helen Zenobia Lewis

Helen graduated from A.E. Beach High School in Savannah, Georgia. As a student, Helen states that she was very unmotivated about life and because of Regie Alston, her Specialist, she became an aggressive leader. As the treasure for JGG, Helen reports that she learned accountability, communication skills, dependability, trust worthiness, and the importance of community service. In 1999, Helen graduated from Savanna State University with a B.A. in Business Administration of Accounting. Upon graduation, Helen applied at the Georgia Department of Labor. Through this job, her high school Specialist became her supervisor.

"I would not have ever imagined through JGG that I would end up working for my Job Specialist after college, and getting a lifetime mentor. Thank you for helping me overcome my barriers! JAG really works!"

Chantage Munguia'94
Chantage Munguia Salazar

Chantage Munguia entered Jobs for California Graduates-Merced as a single parent on welfare with two children and little home support. Thanks to the help of her Specialist, she graduated from high school. She was hired by the Central Office of JCG-Merced as a clerical assistant and has since become an integral part of the Merced operation. Chantage was recently named Employee of the year by JCG-Merced.

Michael Rodriguez

Michael graduated from Tolleson Union High School, Arizona's first JAG program. Michael lives in Phoenix where he is going to college, graduating this spring with a degree in Business. He is currently employed as assistant manager for Wilson's Leather and during the summer, works at Disneyland.

Kristy Gauthreaux'96
Kristy Gauthreaux

Kristy graduated from Bonnabel High School in Kenner, the first year of the JAG program in Louisiana. As the Historian of Bonnabel Career Association, she compiled the first scrapbook, which won second place in a state competition.

After graduating, Kristy was employed by Vision Plaza as a laboratory technician. Three years later, she is now a senior technician managing the laboratory and training new technicians.

Greta Jackson'96
Greta Jackson

Greta Jackson participated in the JOG-Cleveland Program. During high school, Ms. Jackson struggled to pass the proficiency test despite her good grades. With the encouragement and assistance of her Career Specialist, she overcame this barrier and passed. Ms. Jackson is the first person in her family to graduate from high school, and will be the first person in her family to earn her college degree. Ms. Jackson attended Cleveland State University.

She has been a steadfast employee of Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority for the past eight years.

Jonathan Hardy'97
Jonathan Hardy

Jonathan participated in the Jobs for Illinois Graduates program and graduated from Carmi High School. Because of his experience in the JILG program, he realized that he had both career and educational choices. Jonathan did not feel he was ready to go to college, therefore, he moved out of his parent's home and supported himself with two jobs. He liked his job at the Carmi lumberyard, but could see there would be no future, so he decided to go back to college.

Jonathan is currently a sophomore at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, majoring in Administration of Justice. He has a 3.5 GPA. Jonathan's goal is to work in the Federal Law Enforcement department.

Desiree Mitchell'98
Desiree Lawrence Mitchell

In 1994, Desiree came to the JAG program with one credit and a one-month-old son. She completed all of her high school credits and graduated in 1998 from Project Opportunity, a high school completion program for pregnant and parenting young women. In October of that year, she married her husband, Raymond, and they now have a second son. She currently works as Department Secretary to the Director of Operating Rooms at Inova Fairfax Hospital.

Chris Robinson'99
Christopher Robinson

Chris graduated thirteenth in his class from J.O. Johnson High. Before entering JAG, Chris described himself as "lost" in the sense of what the "real world" was like. JAG helped him to gain a sense of purpose in the workforce and to set goals for his future.

Chris now attends J.F. Drake State Technical College and works full-time for Palco Telecom Services as a Cellular Technician. He also is a part-time entrepreneur doing marketing and investment planning that is helping to financially prepare him for the future.

Wilbur Cano'99
Wilbur Cano

A graduate from Miami Springs High School and Jobs for Florida's Graduates, Wilbur Cano has had the opportunity to be in the REAL world for a year after his high school graduation. During this year, Wilbur experienced many wonderful and life changing moments but no moments were as dramatic as those he experienced in his school life.

Wilbur was an honor roll student and knew how to make teachers like him, but his fellow gang members as early as middle school liked him even more. When Wilbur made the decision to try sports as well as study, his fellow gang members saw this as a threat to their control of him, and a new kind of battle began. This was a battle for his very life, where Wilbur had to "watch his back" constantly. He never wavered in his decision to work hard at school and sports, as well as a part-time job.

During his senior year, his specialist gave him the sales pitch about help in school, help after graduation, and job assistance. Wilbur states that the real hook was an easy "A" and lots of girls joining! Instead, when he joined JFG, Wilbur says he got his "very first true friend," Mr. Livan Concepcion, his specialist. Wilbur Learned that a "true friend loves and cares for you by being there all the time."

Wilbur is the recipient of a full scholarship at Florida International University School of Engineering for his extraordinary leadership skills. He believes this is a result of his specialist's intervention, but after you meet him, I am sure you will agree he is certainly deserving. He is working for an attorney as a paralegal. He impressed the employer with his attitude and was hired over those with experience in the legal field. The attorney states that he had no idea that there were young people like him still out there!

Wilbur is a shining example of a JAG student. He grew up in the inner city of Miami in a very tough environment, but is proof that all young people with the right care and assistance can achieve greatness.

Sean Dean'00
Nicolaus La'Sean Dean

Sean Dean is a graduate of the Class of 2000 from the Jobs for Kentucky Graduates program. During his senior year, he served as the President of the State Chapter and won 1st place Prepared Speaking event at the National Leadership Student Conference in Washington, DC.

Currently a full-time student at the University of Louisville, Sean is majoring in communications with a public relations minor. While working part-time at the university, he is a member of the University's Army ROTC and and E-4 specialist in the U.S. Army Reserve.

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