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Students and Alumni

Welcome to JAG!

You are associated Group of Studentswith a program that is celebrating its 25th year of service to young people who were selected to receive JAG Model services. As a participant in a JAG affiliated program, you are automatically a member of the JAG National Career Association and eligible to participate in local, state and national activities.

Local activities include:

  • Participating in local Career Association chapter meetings and activities
  • Seeking election to a local chapter office
  • Serving as a committee chair or member
  • Developing, practicing and refining personal, academic, leadership and career related skills in the classroom and chapter activities
  • Representing the chapter in state competitions
  • Participating in fundraising projects to underwrite the cost of chapter activities
  • Participating in social activities
  • Involvment in community service projects
  • Participating in service learning projects
  • Learning to lead and follow in chapter activities

State activities include:

  • Attending the State Career Development Conference and participating in state competitions, career-oriented workshops and other conference activities
  • Seeking election as a state officer
  • Representing the state association at statewide events

National activities include:

  • Attending the 4-day National Student Leadership Conference in Washington, D.C.
  • Attending the annual National Leadership Awards Luncheon in conjunction with the NSLC
  • Participating in scholarship funding opportunities, e.g. Adecco Holiday Card Competition
  • Representing JAG at national events


InDemand Magazine

Check out the first issue of InDemand—Connecting today's students with the careers of tomorrow. Each issue will explore careers in a different high growth industry or emerging industry, i.e., advanced manufacturing, automotive, construction, energy, financial services, health care, hospitality, information technology, retail, transportation, biotechnology, geospatial technology, and nanotechnology. It will provide students as well as guidance counselors, parents and teachers with interesting and relevant information about career opportunities, education and the skills needed for various jobs. It offers resources to explore careers and tips about how to help students build successful futures. The first issue highlights careers in the construction industry. Construction will add one million new jobs by 2012. In-Demand is funded by the U.S. Department of Labor.

Links by Industry

Use the links below to explore careers in each high growth industry or emerging industry:

In addition, JAG students should take full advantage of the increasing number of special services available on the JAG web site, including:

Additional services will be provided.

If you have questions or suggestions to better serve JAG Students through the JAG Student Home Page, please contact us via email at JAGStudents@JAG.org.

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