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he objectives to be accomplished in a site review are:
  1. Determine the extent to which the JAG Model with whatever applications are being used has been fully implemented.
  2. Determine the extent to which JAG's stated performance standards as outlined in the JAG Model are being achieved.
  3. Determine if the organization is focused on serving its internal and external customers efficiently and effectively.
  4. Determine the success the program has had in managing its internal and external image so that the program is attractive to all stakeholders-students, parents, school administrators, teachers, employers, community leaders, staff, government agencies, and funding sources.
  5. Determine if there is confidence in the data that is reported using the JAG National Data Management System.


Management schedules Interviews (approximately 30-60 minutes) with those persons that know the most about the program:

  1. Principal and/or Assistant Principal
  2. Counselors (depending upon the program application being reviewed)
  3. Advisory Committee members, i.e. english or math teacher (familiar with the program)
  4. Program participants (2 or 3)
  5. Specialist(s)


Site reviewers interview state and local leaders, including:

  1. Program Manager
  2. NDMS Coordinator
  3. Chairman of the Board of Directors and/or Board member who has a sense of history of the program.
  4. State Leaders who are familiar with the operational uniqueness of the site.


  1. Review the reports generated from the National Data Management System for individual schools and the overall state reports.
  2. Contact 2-3 randomly-selected employers based upon data in the system (or files) per school as time permits.
  3. Attend events if scheduled during a site review, i.e. I&I Ceremony, Officer Training, Career Development Conference, Employer Appreciation event, etc.


States (or sites) are asked to provide the following:

  1. Make contact with the Lead Site Reviewer and plan the site review agenda.
  2. Make reservations for lodging in a safe and comfortable hotel/motel. Mid-range priced hotels are fine especially if they have a restaurant on property or within a short walking distance.
  3. Recommend an agenda that allows the site reviewer (or team) to conduct its interviews, observe classroom activities, participate in special events, and review hard copy and electronic files.
  4. If it is more efficient to do so, it would be helpful if site reviewer(s) were accompanied by a manager/supervisor. By providing the site reviewer(s) with a guide/transportation to and from sites, there will be no wasted time in arriving at the appropriate place in a timely fashion. Drivers should not, however, sit in on interviews with the site reviewer.


The site review is only one source of data and information used by JAG to prepare the Accreditation Report. Other sources of information include:

  1. Data captured through the JAG National Data Management System.
  2. Awards and recognition received by the site.
  3. Participation in JAG conducted training sessions.
  4. Feedback from state leaders.
  5. Feedback from local and state government leaders.
  6. News releases or articles in publications.
  7. Research studies conducted by third party.
  8. Other information provided to the national organization from local, state and national sources that is relevant to a JAG Model program.


JAG shall award one of three accreditation categories:

  1. STANDARD ACCREDITATION indicates that the affiliate is operating in compliance with the JAG Model.
  2. PROVISIONAL ACCREDITATION indicates that there are minor deficiencies for which an Action Plan is developed and forwarded to JAG within 30 days from receipt of the Accreditation Report.
  3. PROBATIONARY ACCREDITATION indicates that there are major deficiencies for which an Action Plan is developed within 30 days from receipt of the Accreditation Report. The Action Plan should include the types of technical assistance requested of JAG.
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