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he Site Review Host is responsible for:
  1. Make reservations at the appropriate hotel(s) and contact the reviewers and JAG National Center for Evidence-based Practices.
  2. Schedule interviews.
  3. Transport site reviewer(s) to schools. Site reviewers shall not be accompanied to the scheduled interviews.
  4. Provide NDMS reports and other information requested by JAG or the Site Review Lead.
  5. Brief site review team members prior to departing for individual school reviews.
  6. Provide site review teams with no less than 2-3 hours per school review.
  7. Prepare a schedule and send it to JAG National Center for Evidence-based Practices prior to the review team's arrival.
  8. Respond positively to requests made by the Site Review Team Lead.
  9. Encourage staff members to fully cooperate with the Site Review Team.
  10. Take full advantage of the Accreditation Process to gain third-party peer feedback.


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