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Our Chairman and Vice Chair highlighted the critical ingredients that have sustained the success of JAG for the past decades in which we served over 300,000 young people.

Let me review the organizational accomplishments for the 2000-2001 program year:

· The JAG Board of Directors developed consensus among national and state leaders for the 2001-2005 Strategic Plan that calls for a dramatic increase in the number of youth to be served annually -from 70,000 to 150,000.

· Nearly $50 million of investments have been committed to the work of the organization at the national, state and local level. This includes commitments from 20 state legislatures, 50 Workforce Investment Boards, hundreds of schools, corporate and individual donors, and a dozen governmental programs.

· Over 13,000 employers provide JAG's young people with work-based learning experiences, initial work experience and career advance opportunities.

· The JAG National Curriculum modules were completed with competency-based modules providing activity-based training for more than 800 hours. The curriculum modules were designed and based on the unique needs of JAG youth and their specialists.

· JAG conducted staff development and training opportunities, including the largest National Training Seminar in our history that involved 650 staff and management in three days of general sessions, best practices workshops, and networking opportunities for JAG's local and state affiliates. Certification workshops were well attended prior to the annual NTS including 27 new or recently promoted managers and supervisors in the annual Management Development Institute.

· The arrival of JAG's first federal earmark grant, based on an appropriation by the United States Congress. The $740,000 will be used to invest in "one time only" infrastructure building activities for the three program applications of our model, the development of additional staff training materials and the development of a web-based National Data Management System

President's Report

Ken Smith

Kenneth M. Smith
President & CEO
Job's for America's
Graduates, Inc.

to replace the existing NDMS that has served the organization the past seven years with an Internet-based eNDMS.

· The ability to raise the funds necessary to finance the annual budget of the national organization.

I would like to give a special thanks to Governors Racicot and Carper for their relentless efforts to assure that every Governor knows about JAG in words of passion and personal experience. They have taken the time this year, as in previous years, to tell the JAG story to each Governor personally. Further, they have worked with many Governors and state legislatures across the country to assure adequate financing of statewide programs.

After 20 years of experience in operating youth serving programs, JAG works because of the people who lead, manage and carry out the commitments to our young people. JAG works because it knows that the bottom line is that we must be successful because each young person entrusts their future in JAG.

This 20th Anniversary is time to look back with great appreciation and thanks for those at the national, state and local level who had confidence when JAG was "just a good idea." It is also a time to look ahead and commit ourselves to the 2001-2005 Strategic Plan. I have no doubt that we can achieve our strategic goals because we are building on a foundation consisting of 20 years of learning, an impressive infrastructure, and hundreds of loyal funding sources. By harnessing our assets and renewing our commitment, we will have no difficulty in serving more young people who want and deserve success (academically, personally, and professionally.)

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