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Woman Working at TableP re-NTS workshops are offered on an annual basis to state, site, and local JAG staff. The intent is to expand the capacity of the organization by developing qualified staff for leadership roles. Those who benefit the most from Pre-NTS workshops include:

  • Program Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Data Management (NDMS) Coordinators
  • Career Association and Professional Association Coordinators
  • National Curriculum Coordinators
  • State and National Trainers
  • Site and National Site Reviewers
  • Specialists (Job and Career)

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Sample Workshops

These workshops were offered at prior Pre-NTS events.

  • Adventure in the Classroom - Facilitator Development

    ADVENTURE TECHNIQUES is an approach to engaging students in the JAG NATIONAL CURRICULUM content in a fun, interactive manner. The completer's classroom will become an environment of trust, respect, and constructive communication. The Career or Professional Association becomes a vehicle for building a more productive team capable of taking on challenging tasks.

  • Career or Professional Association Coordinators' Workshop

    THE CAREER ASSOCIATION WORKSHOP is a high-energy workshop with hands-on activities that can be used both in the classroom and training sessions. A 'train-the-trainer' approach will be used to improve classroom or training room facilitation skills.

  • Curriculum Coordinators' Workshop

    THE CURRICULUM COORDINATORS' WORKSHOP will be the final in a series of workshops that began three years ago. Participants will focus on the balance of the NATIONAL CURRICULUM MODULES and will receive a CD-ROM containing the entire JAG NATIONAL CURRICULUM.

  • Data Management Coordinators' Workshop

    THE DATA MANAGEMENT COORDINATORS' WORKSHOP will hone the skills of those responsible for managing the National Data Management System (NDMS).

  • Leadership Development Institute (LDI)

    THE LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE (LDI) is a special year-long experience offered by JAG and the Centers for Excellence. Candidates must apply to participate in the first LDI and will be expected to participate in all activities - four face-to-face meetings plus monthly conference calls, online discussion group meetings, or web conferencing as described in the LDI overview in this packet.

  • Management Development Institute (MDI)

    The Management Development Institute (MDI) is intended for participants who have up to one year of experience in field supervision with a JAG affiliate. Facilitators will present strategies for managing JAG Model implementation with an emphasis on managing accountability using NDMS, developing team-building skills, building relationships with school partners, managing work load and more.

  • New Specialist Training Workshop

    THE NEW SPECIALIST TRAINING WORKSHOP is for new hires and Specialists with less than one year of experience. The workshop will be highly interactive and focus on the JAG Model and the three program applications. The 4-member facilitator team will share their expertise collectively and individually with participants. Supervisors are also welcome to participate to answer questions that are state based.

  • Train-the-Trainers' Certification Workshop

    THE TRAIN-THE-TRAINERS' CERTIFICATION WORKSHOP is the first step in being certified as a JAG Trainer for conducting in-state training or the national organization. Certified JAG Trainers will have access to 'training tools' in a protected location on the JAG web site and receive periodic mailings with trainer-related information.

  • Work-Based Learning - The Ultimate Follow-up Experience

    THE WORK-BASED LEARNING WORKSHOP is committed to raising the quality of follow-up services through the use of 'work-based learning experiences'. Participants will receive templates that can be used for tailoring WBL tools and practice sessions for working with program participants, employers, supervisors, and mentors.

Registration Fee

Pre-NTS delegates receive the following:
  • 3 lunch passes - Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
  • 1 Pre-NTS Workshop Admission
  • 1 Workshop Resource Notebook
  • 1 completion certificate
  • Formal and informal networking opportunities

The registration fee also includes:

  • workshop presenters
  • meeting room rental
  • equipment rentals
  • audio-visual equipment, materials and supplies
  • printing


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