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Services Delivered

AG participants Teen at Deskreceive common program services whether in Maine, Florida, Mississippi, California or Montana. JAG Model services include:

  • Competency Attainment - participants are expected to attain JAG's 37 core competencies plus additional competencies drawn from JAG's 44 additional competency-based modules.

  • Career Association Chapter - participants are automatically members of the National Career Association and are provided opportunities to develop, practice and refine personal and leadership skills. Chapter members are provided opportunities to participate in local chapter activities and meetings as well as state and national meetings.

  • Coaching - Specialists coach participants to improve their academic performance and remove barriers to career success. Specialists also call upon professional guidance and counseling staff to provide intensive assistance.

  • Placement - Specialists work with employers to provide graduates with entry level job opportunities for work-based learning in their chosen career field.

  • Mentoring - Supportive adults are recruited as mentors to graduates and non-graduates. The mentors responsibility is to improve the likelihood of personal, educational, and/or career success.

  • Follow-up - Graduates are provided 12 months of follow-up services that enhance performance at work or in pursuit of a postsecondary education.

  • Non-graduate Recovery - Non-graduates are provided with services that will result in completion of requirements for a high school diploma or a GED.

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