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National Training Seminar

The following quotes were extracted from NTS Workshop Evaluations:

Great information that is relevant and can be used right now. (Wal-Mart workshop - "Building Employer Relationships")

This workshop was by far the most helpful, because you encouraged audience participation. (Charles Middleton workshop - "Community Service Projects")

Thanks for all your hard work to make my job easier. You are a wonderful facilitator. (Jason Moore workshop - "More Thematic Curriculum Sequencing")

Judith was enthusiastic and knowledgeable! (Judith Moore workshop - "Begin with the End in Mind")

Very thought-provoking. Great way to encourage respect for diversity in the classroom. (Steve Rinder's workshop - "Native American Traditional Teachings")

Very good (excellent) interactive, informative workshop! Thanks!! (Sherry Tarbutton workshop - "Human Resources 101")

Excellent system--look forward to the roll-out! (Jason Koeninger and Judi Mill workshop - "e-NDMS")

Excellent topic and presentation-needed twice the time! (Anne Mile workshop - "Dialogue vs. Debate")

Wonderful session! Try not to rush! (Anitka Grayson and Sterling Titus workshop - "Dropout Recovery Best Practices")

You're an inspiration, motivation and credit to the profession! (Jerry Jones workshop -
"Creating a Business in the Classroom")

Very organized, thorough, great handout (Kim Smith workshop - "Teaching Thinking in the Classroom")

Dynamic presenter-I would like to see a video of Alex in action with his Career Association. (Alex Rosalez and Sara Bueno workshop - "Career Association: The Hook that Keeps them Coming Back")

Super, Super, Super! (Alexander Kapotas and Nancy Fenton workshop - "Creating the Spark")

Just a great presenter! Really knows how to captivate the audience. Uses pictures and prompts extremely well. (Dave Perron workshop - "Project Reach")

Give these guys a raise! (Brad Sikora and Ron Towner workshop - "Connecting Service with Learning")

I plan to use much from your presentation in my class! (Jill Bonwell's workshop titled Work-Based Learning)

Great tangible ideas! (Beth Holcomb's workshop titled Before you can Teach you must Connect)


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