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National Training Seminar

The National Training Seminar (NTS) is an annual event for local and state affiliates of the JAG NTS Women at TableNational Network and guests.


The objectives of the National Training Seminar are used to plan, organize and evaluate the annual event. Attendance continues to increase (annually), therefore, it is believed that NTS is serving the needs of the JAG National Network.

  • To enhance the ability of state and local affiliates to deliver improved services and achieve high performance program outcomes.
  • To provide a forum to share "best practices" that will improve JAG methodology, processes, and results.
  • To use technology solutions to capture and manage data to improve decision-making and demonstrate the high accountability of the JAG Model.
  • To examine federal legislation that provides the impacts the JAG Network - Workforce Investment Act, TANF and other federal grant programs.
  • To share best practices in working with state and local Workforce Investment Boards.
  • To implement effective work-based learning experiences and improve employer involvement.
  • To meet "the best in class" state and local staff.
  • To recognize outstanding performance among the JAG National Network staff.
  • To celebrate the high performance outcomes achieved for the current classes.
  • To have fun while learning and sharing.


NTS registered delegates receive:

  • 3 meal passes (Thursday dinner, Friday lunch, and Saturday lunch)
  • 1 entertainment night pass (Thursday evening)
  • 4 general sessions (Thursday Opening Session and evening session; Friday luncheon; Saturday luncheon and Closing Awards Session)
  • 6 NTS workshop passes (Friday and Saturday)
  • 1 participation plaque (presented on Saturday at the Closing Awards Session)
  • 1 NTS Program Booklet
  • Recognition plaques for delegates that are eligible
  • 1 Marketplace Exhibit pass
Registration fees also include:
  • General session and meeting room rental
  • Audio-visual equipment rentals for general sessions
  • Development of PowerPoint presentations at each general session
  • Workshop set-up, materials and supplies
  • 1 CD-ROM with JAG Resources
  • The hospitality of the Host State

NTS and Pre-NTS 2011 Packet

Register Now - Online Registration

Marketplace Exhibits

States and sites are invited to reserve 1 or 2 tables in the Marketplace to share what is working best in their state or site. Marketplace is held on Saturday and is available for viewing all day. Handouts are encouraged so that others can learn from a state or site's exhibit. Marketplace Exhibits will be judged and awards presented to the top five exhibitors on Saturday at the Closing Awards Session.


There has been considerable discussion about the 'awards' that are presented and how they are determined since moving from a 9-month follow-up period to a 12-month follow-up period. The 12-month follow-up period concludes on June 30 and does not provide adequate time to base the awards on the follow-up for the current follow-up class.

CSA representatives are requested to submit nominees and documentation (i.e. NDMS summary reports, testimonial letters, etc. ) for JAG HIGH PERFORMANCE AWARDS in the following categories which align with the JAG Model:

  • Oversight Board
  • Program Management
  • Program Staff
  • Participant Selection
  • Career Association
  • Competency Attainment
  • Employer Marketing and Job Development
  • Follow-up Services
  • National Data Base Participation

JAG recognizes states and sites for achieving the '5 of 5' performance outcomes. Recognition is not provided for local school '5 of 5' achievements. State affiliates should consider offering recognition to Specialists that qualify for the '5 of 5' recognition.


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