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In 2003, Jobs for New Mexico Graduates, Inc. (JNMG), a non-profit corporation supported by corporate and foundation contributions, public sector grants and participating school funds. JAG and JNMG creates business, industry and education partnerships committed to achieve the mission of JAG. The mission is to ensure that at-risk high school students remain in school, attain employability skills through classroom and work-based learning experiences during one or more years, graduate and receive twelve (12) months of follow-up services by the JNMG Job Specialist. In the follow-up period, JAG participants are successfully transitioned into a career and/or pursue a postsecondary education to enhance their career entry and advancement.

JAG (Jobs for American’s Graduates, Inc.). The school-to-career program is implemented in 1,000 high schools, alternative schools, community colleges and middle schools across the country and United Kingdom.


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