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National Data Management System

obs for America's Graduates holds State Organizations and Local Affiliates accountable for implementing the JAG Model and achieving the program outcomes. The Electronic National Data Management System (e-NDMS) provides the JAG Board of Directors and the oversight bodies of State Organizations with data to assess both the prescribed process and outcomes of the JAG Model.

Jobs for America's Graduates employs a system of data collection that answers three basic questions:

  1. Who are the participants receiving JAG Model services?
  2. What services are delivered?
  3. What outcomes are achieved?

The Electronic National Data Management System (e-NDMS) is accessed through the JAG web site at www.jag.org.  A user name and password is assigned to JAG state and local staff.
The benefits of an online data management system include:


  • The simplicity of browser technology
  • Staff only needs to access the Internet to connect to e-NDMS
  • Data is stored on a centralized server
  • Participant transfers between schools is simplified
  • Unified employer database


  • Quality of computer no longer negatively impacts the use of e-NDMS
  • No need to learn backup procedures
  • Specialists can connect from any computer that provides access to the Internet
  • Specialists need only 15-20 minutes per day to maintain the data base
  • An online tutorial expedites the use of e-NDMS

  • Monitor progress of Specialists daily
  • Staff turnover does not result in lost data
  • Technical support is minimized using browser technology
  • Immediate access to data and information
  • No need to maintain a central office computer capable of supporting multiple years of data


  • Automated checking of progress on data
  • Immediate access to data upon approval by the CSA Representative
  • Ability to maintain historic data without placing an unnecessary burden on computer systems at local, site, and state offices
  • Simplified training and technical support for e-NDMS

The JAG Affiliation Agreement requires the use of the Electronic National Data Management System (e-NDMS) for accountability purposes. JAG State Organizations are committed to tracking program participants, services delivered, and outcomes achieved as prescribed in the JAG Model. State Organizations are expected to sign the e-NDMS Commitment that outlines the responsibilities of both JAG and State Organizations and Local Affiliates.


e-NDMS requires Specialists to have access to a computer with an Internet connection. Basic computers are all that is needed (local, site and state levels) since the national database is housed at the JAG National Center for Evidence-Based Best Practices (formerly known as JAG Field Services). Those unable to access the Internet are provided an alternative method for submitting data to JAG.

JAG accesses a T-1 connection to the Internet and uses multiple servers - a web server, transaction server, and a database server.


e-NDMS offers the following:
  • e-NDMS is user friendly
  • Streamlines the data collection and aggregation process
  • Reduces the technical requirements on JAG State Organizations and Local Affiliates
  • Provides a continuous flow of data (especially employer data) for research, funding and partnership development
  • Balances the need for state and local control with JAG data needs
  • Provides program leadership, managers and supervisors, with aggregate data for the purpose of decision-making and accountability
  • Allows JAG the opportunity to use aggregate data for site reviews whereby enhancing the effectiveness of the National Accreditation Process.
  • Automates time sensitive processes and deadlines
  • Simplifies the training of new staff members including managers, supervisors and Specialists
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