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Barriers to Success

JAG is not for everyone - it is for students that possess significant barriers to academic (high school diploma or GED) and career success (securing an entry level job leading to a career).

JAG Specialists recruit and interview students interested in the program. Before a decision is made to finalize the Program Roster, the in-school Advisory Committee meets and reviews candidates for the program. The JAG Specialist depends upon the Advisory Committee to provide feedback on each candidate and assist in the selection of participants with barriers to academic and career success. Generally speaking, JAG Specialists know that young people with the greatest number of barriers (who want to be in the JAG program) will gain the most benefits from participation in the program.

The National Data Management System provides JAG Specialists with a tool to capture critical information about participants upon entry into the program. Specialists are able to print a hard copy of a document called the "Student Profile." This document identifies barriers to academic and career success based upon the master list below.

JAG Specialists can print a set of Student Profiles for those listed on the Program Roster for the program year. Supervisors are expected to review the Student Profiles to verify that the participants have sufficient barriers to receive the classroom and follow-up services as outlined in the JAG Model.

The National Data Management System is capable of printing Student Profiles for:

· Each program participant
· All program participants on a Program Roster
· All program participants in a region of the state
· All program participants in a state
· All program participants for the JAG National Network

JAG can answer the question - "Who do we serve?"


A.1 One or more modal grades behind peers
A.2 Low academic performance (a grade point of C or below or basic academic skills in the bottom quartile of the class)
A.3 Basic skills deficient (reading and math in particular)
A.4 Failed state proficiency exam
A.5 A past record of excessive absences as verified by school officials
A.6 Has been suspended, expelled, or put on probation during high school
A.7 Has repeated a grade in high school
A.8 Has dropped out of school previously
A.9 Limited English proficiency


P.1 Special Education certified (verified by school district or agency)
P.2 Lacks motivation or maturity to pursue education or career goals
P.3 Emotional disorder which impairs education or career goals
P.4 Has a disability (documented disabilities only)
P.5 Health problems which impair education or career goals


E.1 Family environment is not conducive to education or career goals
E.2 Is pregnant (when admitted to the program)
E.3 Has dependent child(ren) in the home
E.4 Has documented alcohol and/or substance abuse
E.5 Convicted of a criminal offense other than a traffic violation
E.6 Has a record of violent behavior
E.7 Homeless
E.8 Runaway


W.1 Is an economically disadvantaged student as defined by public assistance, AFDC, or free lunch
W.2 Is a member of a race/ethnic group with a low family income
W.3 Having inadequate or no work experience
W.4 Lacks marketable occupational skills that are in demand in the local labor market


O.1 Other

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