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Man at Tablehe Management Development Institute is a Pre-NTS workshop designed to improve participants' skills in managing a JAG Model program - state or local. The workshop will be facilitated by experienced practitioners, who will lead participants through a series of interactive sessions designed to develop skills in management, supervision, team-building, time management, conducting meetings, giving and receiving feedback, performance coaching, conducting performance reviews, recognition, and participating in a JAG site review.

Target Audience

Network staff in field supervisory positions for up to one year will gain the greatest value from this year's MDI. Management should look for the following qualities when recommending participants:

  • Demonstrates a strong understanding of the JAG Model and its appropriate implementation in schools.
  • Strong desire to provide appropriate field support.
  • High value for accountability.
  • Potential for leadership growth.
  • Knowledge of the JAG National Data Management System on both a technical and an analytical basis.
  • Ability to interact with peers in giving and accepting feedback, solving problems and coaching for performance improvement.


By the end of the MDI, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the manager's role in a JAG Model program.
  • Implement a time management system.
  • Prioritize management activities.
  • Use the NDMS as an effective management tool.
  • Conduct productive staff meetings.
  • Prepare for a JAG site review which leads to an Accreditation Report.
  • Give feedback and implement coaching skills.
  • Communicate with school administrators.
  • Implement performance reviews and assess when to create employee action plans.
  • Understand methods used to motivate, reward, and recognize staff.
  • Learn best practices in building a strong and effective organization


A three-ring binder will be presented to participants to aid them during the program year. This binder will contain a compilation of best practices from around the network.


Participants are asked to complete a short reading assignment and to review the JAG Handbook before arriving in Orlando. Participants are required to bring their JAG Handbook to the workshop.

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