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Graduates Throwing CapsCongratulations!

You have every right to be proud of being a JAG Alumnus! JAG has served young people selected to receive JAG Model services resulting in a high school diploma (or GED), placement in a quality job after graduation from high school, and/or assistance in pursuing a postsecondary education.

As a JAG alumnus, your Specialist will stay connected with you for 12-months post-graduation (or completion of a GED). JAG wants to stay connected with you for years to follow and ask that you complete the Alumni Survey so we can be aware of your personal, educational and career achievements and successes.

The Alumni Survey provides JAG with information that can be used for several purposes:

  • Tracking JAG Alumni past the 12-month follow-up period
  • Reporting the achievements and successes of JAG Alumni to funding sources and elected officials
  • Knowing which employers benefit most by hiring JAG Alumni
  • Knowing which postsecondary institutions are being attended by JAG Alumni for networking purposes
  • Notifying your home program of your current accomplishments and successes
  • Sharing career information and employment opportunities with you in the Career Corner
  • Sharing news from across the JAG National Network in the E-Magazine

If you have questions or suggestions to better serve JAG Alumni members, please contact us via email at Alumni@JAG.org.

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