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State organizations are chartered by Jobs for America's Graduates. The Affiliation Agreement JHNGoutlines the responsibilities of a chartered state organization and JAG. State organizations agree to fully implement the JAG Model and participate in JAG National Network Events.

There are 27 chartered state affiliates. A directory of state organizations and key state information can be accessed here.

The first state was Delaware (1979) followed by Arizona and Massachusetts in 1980. The year that each state affiliated with the JAG National Network can be accessed here.

Organizational Structure

Forty-eight percent (48%) of the state affiliates are legal entities operating as a non-profit corporation and led by an elected board of directors. The balance of the states are sponsored by state or local government agencies, i.e. Department of Education, Department of Workforce Education, Educational Service Center, Department of Labor, Workforce Investment Board, etc. The JAG Model encourages the establishment of a non-profit organization to sponsor the state organization.

Non-Profit Corporations
State/Local Agencies
New Jersey
New Hampshire
New Mexico
South Carolina
West Virginia

More than 1,000 key decision-makers to serve on the state boards. The JAG Model State Affiliateencourages state organizations to identify key decision-makers to serve on the board of directors, including, but not limited to: governors, chief state school officers, commissioners of labor, chief executive officers, community-based leaders, local education leaders, funding sources, etc.

State organizations are called Jobs for ______ Graduates, i.e. Jobs for Arkansas Graduates, Jobs for Delaware Graduates (the First JAG State), Jobs for Illinois Graduates, Jobs for Ohio's Graduates, Jobs for Tennessee Graduates, Jobs for Virginia's Graduates, etc.

Establishing a Statewide Organization

Based upon over two decades of establishing statewide organizations, JAG recognizes the value of following a series of steps that have built productive and long-lasting state affiliates. The steps can be accessed here.

National Affiliation Agreement

The National Affiliation Agreement outlines the relationship between the statewide organization and Jobs for America's Graduates. The agreement includes:

  • Appointment as Sponsor
  • Sponsorship Requirements
  • Activities of JAG
  • Operating Costs
  • Use of Names and Terms
  • Use of JAG Model Materials
  • Definition of Certain Terms
  • General Terms and Conditions
  • Term and Termination

Affiliation Fee

Each state affiliate is charged an annual affiliation fee that fits the unique mix of technical assistance based upon:

  • The number of local affiliates in the state's network
  • The number of state, site and local managers, supervisors, administrative staff and specialists
  • The number of JAG Model Applications implemented by local affiliates
  • The technical assistance required for implementing and maintaining a JAG accredited state organization.
  • The 'special' technical assistance requested of the national organization, e.g. conducting the first Career Development Conference.
  • The cost of delivering New Specialist Training, management consultation, board development, site reviews (for Accreditation purposes), JAG Model Books, videos, fundraising assistance, installation of the National Data Management System, etc.

State affiliates receive considerably greater value than the amount of the affiliation fee. The JAG Board of Directors makes the difference between actual costs and the customized technical assistance delivered to state affiliates. The JAG Board and National Staff are committed to fund raising to support the national organization and absorb the technical costs that are not provided in the annual affiliation fee.

Approximately 2/3rds of the national budget must be raised annually to maintain the JAG National Network. National fundraising efforts can be accessed using the links below:

  • Core Budget
  • National Leadership Awards Events
  • Congressional Earmark Grants administered by the Department of Labor
  • The Trust for Jobs for America's Graduates

State Affiliate Services

JAG provides start-up and on-going technical assistance to local and state affiliates to ensure the successful implementation and operation of a JAG affiliated statewide organization. The basic package of technical assistance can be accessed here.

The array of services for new and existing state affiliates include:

  • Program launch and on-going services
  • On-going technical assistance
  • Training services
  • JAG model books and publications
  • National Data Management System (NDMS)
  • National leadership

State Affiliate Directory

The State Affiliate Directory provides the names of the statewide organization leadership and local staff and contact information. State affiliates maintain the directory on an on-going basis.

Additional Information

JAG National Center for Evidence-based Practices is willing to work with state leaders to determine the feasibility of establishing a JAG state organization. For more information, please contact us or call JAG National Center for Evidence-based Practices at 972.691-4486.

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