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State Affiliates

The JAG State AffiliateState Organization is typically a state non-profit corporation with a board of directors, however, some states operate through a state agency with an oversight body.

The relationship between JAG and State Affiliates is cemented by the execution of the JAG Sponsor "Affiliation Agreement" authorizing the Sponsor to operate the program to JAG standards.

JAG conducts an extensive accreditation process of each Affiliate. This process uses telephone surveys and personal JHNGinterviews with all the key constituencies in the program to evaluate adherence to JAG performance standards. The accreditation process monitors compliance with both the application of JAG best practices and adherence to JAG performance requirements. An action plan is then prepared for each location to address areas of weakness. If necessary, additional technical assistance and support is rendered by JAG.

Blue Areas Indicate Active JAG State Affiliates. Click on the state to vist the Affiliate Web Site.

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