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Jobs for America's Graduates, founded in 1980, has served approximately 750,000 participants in JAG Model Programs in more than 32 states and 800 programs conducted in Middle Schools, High Schools, Community Colleges, and Community-Based Organizations.  For over three decades, JAG Model Programs have achieved extraordinary outcomes, including: kept at-risk youth in middle school and high school through graduation; assisted JAG graduates in securing an entry level job leading to career advancement opportunities;  encouraged and helped JAG graduates pursue a postsecondary education; and provided program participants with competency-based classroom experiences, recognition and leadership opportunities in the motivational JAG student organization, work-based learning experiences prior to and for 12 months following graduation from high school; and a network of relationships that will enhance the outcomes of JAG, a confidence-building  and motivating national student organization with service-learning activities and numerous opportunities for recognition, active local chapters, and assistance in becoming more than when participants were interviewed and selected for a JAG Model program.  The purpose of JAG has always been to "make a difference" in the personal, professional, and career life of program participants. 

The core of a successful program is its ability to track participants served, services delivered and outcomes achieved, produce statistical reports for local, state and national use, and produce periodic descriptive reports that help identify:"achievement gaps", "best practices" and strategies" to overcome  barriers to success for the young people served across the JAG National Network.  Welcome to JAG!

What is JAG's Mission?

JAG Students at the US Capital
Just the Facts
  • Serving Nearly 42,000 Participants in 2010-2011
  • 32 Active JAG State Organizations (2 inactive states)
  • 800 In-School (Middle and High School,) and Early College Program Applications of the Tested and Highly Successful JAG Model
  • Approximately 750,000 participants since 1980
  • National Network Graduation Rate for the Class of 2009 is 94.4%!


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2011 Smith Scholars Program


Congratulations to the 2010 Smith Scholars

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Go to the Private Document System and share a Best Practice Recommendation with your colleagues. 

Alumni Information and Survey Opportunity

JAG Specialists
Encourage JAG graduates and current students to apply for seasonal employment this Holiday Season.

Toys "R" Us/Babies "R" Us are long-term supporters of JAG with a high level executive serving as a member on the Board of Directors.

TRU/BRU conducted two workshops at the 2008 National Training Seminar, therefore, they know JAG and are very willing to employ JAG graduates/students. Please contact if there are any challenges in applying online using this link.

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